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Reason to choose Tokyo

【Skyhop Bus Marketing Japan Co., Ltd.】 Dynamic views of Tokyo’s cityscape from a double-decker bus

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Hop on and off as you please on the open-top Sky Hop Bus to sightsee around Tokyo

From Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba to Tokyo Tower, TOKYO SKYTREE®, and Akihabara’s various anime goods shops, the open-top, double-decker Sky Hop Bus offers a fun and efficient way to tour around the most popular sites of Tokyo.
In addition to the routes circulating east Tokyo and the Bayshore area, a new route touring the Shinjuku and Shibuya areas was introduced in 2021. Hop on and off freely at the 18 bus stops across the city, and you can also change to another bus for efficient sightseeing of Tokyo’s must-see spots in a day. The open-top bus offers a dynamic scenery of the cityscape such as crossing expressways, soaring skyscrapers and views of high-speed trains from above. At the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing, the driver adjust the speed, so you can take time for photos.
Future plans for the company include offering set tickets combining the bus ride with tourist activities for enjoying the area when getting off the bus, such as jinrikisha (rickshaw cart) rides and kimono rental services. The company has implemented a digital map system to check the buses’ current locations, as well as universal accessibility buses with wheelchair seats, offering comfortable Tokyo tours for a wide range of customers.

Skyhop Bus Marketing Japan Co., Ltd.
Operates the double-decker open top bus Sky Hop Bus, which circulates various tourist spots around Tokyo along the three routes Red, Blue, and Green. The new half-open type vehicle was also introduced.

Skyhop Bus Marketing Japan Co., Ltd.
Yukihiko Kiniwa
Manager, Corporate Planning Department

Ryosuke Enomoto
Manager, Corporate Planning Department

Pyae Phyo Maung
Corporate Planning Department

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