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About this website

About Tokyo Tourism Connection

Tokyo Tourism Connection (TTC) is an online platform provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau aimed at matching businesses for the development and sales of inbound travel products for Tokyo visitors. The site offers various features, such as searching and contacting business partners of Tokyo; participating in online seminars and business meetings sponsored by TMG; and viewing videos of past seminars. TTC is here to support your tourism business for visitors to Tokyo.

Take advantage of Tokyo Tourism Connection (TTC)

Online Matching

Tokyo Tourism Connection (TTC) is the official B2B platform for matching tourism businesses in Tokyo with overseas tourism businesses.

Accessible anytime

Gather information and contact businesses online anytime.

Qualified business partners

Tourism businesses registered with TTC have passed screening standards to promote matching with qualified business partners.

Promote business highlights with engaging profiles

Create content-rich business profiles featuring travels products, services and sales materials to utilize in your marketing activities and for collecting information.

Participate in business events and seminars

Take part in various business events and seminars geared for different markets held regularly. Videos of past events are also available for viewing.

Various information and contents for Tokyo tourism

The appeals of Tokyo as a tourist destination and links to various useful sites.

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